3 Things to Never Do During a Car Crash Case

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The airbags have deployed, you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, and the alarms in your car’s dashboard are flashing. You’ve just been in a car accident. You do your due diligence in documenting the scene and your injuries, and you’ve taken the case to a lawyer who will help you get the restitution you need. You may think it’s all out of your hands, but there are still several things that can go wrong during your case. Here are three things that can negatively impact the possible settlements you may get from your claim:

Lie to Your Lawyer

One of the most damaging actions you can take during your case proceedings is to lie to your lawyer. It is the responsibility of your council to defend you, and if they do not know all the facts of the case, they cannot do so in an adequate way. Even if it seems embarrassing, or if it looks like it would damage your case, you need to tell your lawyer everything in a truthful manner. Not disclosing all the facts to your lawyer, or lying by omission, can be equally as detrimental to the case. Your lawyer will work with you to deal with the issues that may surround your case, but if your lawyer gets taken by surprise by something you lied about or failed to inform them about, they may not be able to help as much as they could if you gave them all the facts.

Post About Your Crash on Social Media

When you post about your crash on social media, you invite scrutiny onto your case that you may not have had otherwise. Social media is public, so when you post on it, anything you say or post may be used in your case by the other side. This means photos of the accident, comments you make about your health at the time, how you were feeling emotionally during the accident, and even possibly using your comments as implied admissions of blame. It’s not just the opposing council who may be looking at your social media, either. Your insurance company is looking for any reason to deny your claim to save them from having to pay you. They will look for anything they can, from photos of you smiling and standing to you saying “I feel better!” in a comment to a friend to downplay or even completely withhold the money you need. Insurance companies may also try to get you to make statements about the crash as soon as possible after the accident, even before you speak to an attorney to try to deny your claim. Don’t share social media posts or talk to the insurance company before speaking to a lawyer.

Remove or Delete Evidence

If you’ve already posted or seen comments about your accident on social media, do not try to remove them. Removing or deleting evidence can be seen as an admission of guilt and used against you by both your car insurance carrier and the opposing counsel. Leave them if you have already posted photos or statements about your accident on your social media pages. Speak to your lawyer about the posts and comments you’ve already made concerning your accident, as they will be able to help find the best way to move forward in dealing with them in a way that does not harm your case.

An Experienced Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyer Is Here To Help

To have the best possible chance of getting you the compensation that you deserve, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer. The attorneys at Kentucky Injury Law Center have the experience and know-how to get you what you need. They will be by your side every step of the process. Contact us through our website or call us at (270) 423-0023 for a free consultation.

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