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At Kentucky Injury Law Center, our Bowling Green attorneys assist clients statewide with their workers’ compensation claims.

Lost Wages

Helping Work Accident Victims Receive Just Compensation

Workers’ compensation is primarily designed to compensate an injured worker for the wages they lose while unable to work. If you have suffered a work-related illness or injury and are required to take time off to recover, you can receive a percentage of the income you would make if you were able to work as usual.

Though all working Kentuckians are entitled to workers’ comp benefits with very few exceptions, it isn’t always easy to navigate the process on your own. We can help you recover lost wages and other benefits so you can get back on your feet.

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How Much of My Lost Wages Can I Get Back?

After suffering a work injury or illness, you may have to take off of work for a while in order to recover. To make up for the time you are unable to work, you can receive temporary or permanent disability benefits, depending on the severity of your injury.

The amount of lost wages you can be compensated for varies depending on the nature and extent of your work injury. In Kentucky, this generally amounts to either two-thirds of your weekly earnings or two-thirds of the state’s average weekly wage, whichever is lower.

Are There Other Ways I Can Receive Compensation?

For many, two-thirds of their average weekly wage or less just isn’t enough to enjoy their usual quality of life or even to cover necessary expenses like bills. Fortunately, you may have other options to recover even more in lost wages in certain circumstances.

One of the main ways injured workers manage to receive additional compensation is by bringing a case against someone other than your employer. If a third-party was negligent and this negligence resulted in or even simply contributed to your workplace accident, you may have grounds to legally file a third-party workers’ compensation claim in Kentucky.

By filing a personal injury claim in addition to claiming workers’ comp, you may be able to make as much as you would have been before your accident. There is even a chance to recover 100% of your lost wages. Though this isn’t easy to accomplish, an experienced workers’ comp lost wages lawyer with knowledge of the system and local laws can help you achieve it.

Of course, the amount of benefits an injured worker can receive varies case by case. Our attorneys work with every client individually and directly so that we can get to know each person’s unique situation and needs. We will assess your situation carefully so we can help you achieve the results that work best for you.

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Case Results

Your Success Is Our Success
  • Accident in Company Truck Settlement $150,000

    J.W. had worked as a truck driver for over 10 years when he was involved in an accident while driving. J.W. thought he would be ok and did not seek immediate attention; however, that turned out not to be the case. He sought medical treatment and even though the insurance carrier paid for some of the medical treatment, it quickly paid its own doctor to state all of J.W.’s symptoms were not related to the accident.

  • Injured Delivery Person

    It started with a call –someone had slammed into the back of our client’s car while the client was on the job. The other driver had tried to pass our client over a solid yellow line because he didn’t see that she was turning. Our client had neck surgery and didn’t know what to do.

  • Settlement for Hydraulic Equipment Injury $150,000

    K.G. injured his neck while working on hydraulic equipment. Initially, the insurance carrier argued that his neck condition was a degenerative condition and that it was not responsible for paying for any medical treatment.

  • Settlement for Utility Lineman Falling on the Job $100,000

    N.W. suffered serious injuries after falling from 20 feet working as a utility lineman. The insurance company paid for N.W.’s medical bills and paid him TTD income benefits when N.W. was released from work, the insurance carrier sent him a settlement offer for $20,000.00 to settle his work compensation claim.

  • Severed Thumb on the Job Settlement $70,000

    Like many injured workers, J.H. thought his employer would take care of him after injury severing part of his thumb while helping the employer is a secondary business. The employer tried to claim that J.H. was not an employee of the secondary business and the insurance company denied giving J.H. any income or medical benefits.

  • Shoulder Injury Settlement $150,000

    A.M. was an employee of a government agency in Louisville. He injured his shoulder at work and was not sure what the next steps were to take as he did not think he could return to his old job.

  • Workers' Compensation for a Police Officer $150,000

    Our client was a 30 year veteran for law enforcement officer whose career ended after a tragic shooting. The officer had worked his way up the chain of command, starting as a patrol officer and ending as a Lieutenant.

  • Workers' Compensation for Traumatic Brain Injury $350,000

    J.P. had been a hard worker all his life. He had worked at his employer for over 26 years, rarely missing a day. However, it only took one day for his life to change when a compressed coil spring got loose and struck him in the head, causing to fall and injure his back as well. J.P. suffered both a traumatic brain injury and traumatic back injury requiring several surgeries.

  • Workers' Compensation Settlement $130,000

    J.D. approached Kentucky Injury Law Center after the insurance denied his claim. JD had previously undergone back surgery but had fully recovered from that surgery when he injured his back while working for his new employer.


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