Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Workers’ Comp Medical Benefits in Kentucky

When you have been injured in a workplace accident or suffered a job-related illness, you are entitled to medical benefits under Kentucky’s workers’ compensation law. In Kentucky, workers’ compensation covers the cost of all medical care reasonable and necessary to treat your work-related injury or illness. However, navigating your treatment while suffering from painful injuries and also trying to put together a viable claim can be exhausting.

At Kentucky Injury Law Center, we strive to make the workers’ compensation process easy. Our attorneys lay out everything you need to know in simple terms because we understand that not everyone has experience with complex legal jargon and procedures. Nor should they in order to be able to receive the benefits they deserve.

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Medical Benefits Available in Kentucky

In Kentucky, workers’ compensation covers the cost of all medical care necessary to treat your work-related injury or illness. However, you must follow certain procedures to ensure you receive your benefits.

Once your condition has been established, the insurance must pay your medical costs, surgical fees, nursing care expense, medications, physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, and any other costs deemed reasonable and necessary for your recovery. These other costs can include prescriptions and mileage to medical appointments.

You won’t be responsible for paying medical bills yourself—all bills for service will go directly to the insurance carrier. Your only responsibility is to follow your doctor’s orders, which is imperative not only for your recovery but for continuing to receive benefits as well.

Denied Medical Treatment

Once the claim is deemed compensable, the insurance should pay for the treatment recommended by your treating physician. In many claims, this is not the case as the insurance company tries to avoid paying for medical treatment that they believe is not necessary.

The insurance companies will use the process known as Utilization Review, where they pay a third-party physician to review if the recommended treatment is necessary and reasonable. These third-party physicians only review your medical records and never actually examine you. Often, they are located outside the state of Kentucky and are used exclusively by insurance companies.

Fortunately, a denial by utilization review can be overcome. Our attorneys can work hand in hand with your treating physician to appeal the denial. In some cases, we can send you to an independent doctor who will physically examine you and is located in Kentucky or near the border in surrounding states.

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