Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

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Should I Still Get a Personal Injury Lawyer Even If My Accident Was Minor?

Not every car accident results in severe injuries. Most traffic collisions can actually be called minor because they do not cause any catastrophic injuries and do not total anyone’s vehicles. If you have been in what you would probably call a minor car accident, is it worth getting a lawyer on your side?

The truth is that a personal injury attorney will always be able to bring some value to your car accident claim. The stakes of your claim do not change the worth of a lawyer’s input, guidance, and representation.

Can You Sue If You Weren’t Injured in a Car Accident?

One way that a car accident lawyer can help you after a minor crash is deciding whether you should file a claim or lawsuit even if you were not injured. Based on the damages you have experienced, your attorney can tell you if your claim is one you should pursue, or if you might want to save your time and energy and handle everything through your insurance companies.

What damages can you even seek if you were not injured, though? If your car was damaged and the other driver’s insurance company will not pay for repairs, then you can seek repair or replacement costs through a property damage claim, which should be filed under the guidance of an attorney. You can also seek other damages you have experienced because of the crash. For example, if you are unable to go to work without your vehicle while it is being repaired and you are unable to rent a car, then the negligent driver could be liable for your lost wages.

Your Injuries Could Be Worse Than You Know

There is a hazard in assuming that you have not been seriously injured just because your car accident seems minor. Following some fender-benders, for example, the driver in the front vehicle will feel relatively fine, just a little sore. Yet days or weeks later, the soreness is still there, and it has worsened. Once they see a doctor, they are diagnosed with whiplash, a serious neck injury that can have lifelong consequences.

Because you can never be entirely certain if your injuries are as minor as they seem at first, it is always beneficial to speak with a personal injury attorney after an accident. With a car accident lawyer in your corner from the beginning, you will be better prepared for any developments later on. They will also have an easier time building your case if they are familiar with it from the start.

After a crash that seems minor, you should still call a local car accident attorney to discuss what happened. At most, they will be interested in your case and want to represent you. At least, they will be aware of the situation and ask that you inform them first if any new developments happen. Or they might be able to refer you to a law firm that works primarily on comparatively low-value cases.

How Do You Deal with a Car Accident Without a Lawyer?

You can try to pursue your car accident claim without an attorney because the damages seem low. But, again, this is not advised. You will have to do every step on your own and without their legal knowledge.

The worst thing about handling a car accident claim on your own, even a minor one, is that you will be up against an insurance company with no one to back you up. Insurance adjusters are always excited to see a claim filed by someone who is unrepresented. It means that they can use every trick they know to reduce the payout provided to the claimant, right down to $0, and probably get away with it. If you don’t want an insurance company disrespecting your claim, then you will always want a car accident lawyer helping you.

Kentucky’s Top Name in Car Accident Claims

Were you in a minor car accident in Bowling Green or the surrounding area? Call (270) 423-0023 and connect with Kentucky Injury Law Center to tell us what happened during a complimentary strategy session. Even if your injuries are not serious, there might be a way that we can help you, so we would like to explore all of your legal options in pursuit of compensation.

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