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Step-By-Step Guide to Filing a Workers' Comp Claim in KY

Following a workplace injury, you should recognize what rights you have to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. It helps to know the various steps you should take to improve your chances of having a successful claim.

Keep in mind, insurance companies often deny workers’ compensation claims during the initial filing, but these steps can strengthen your claim from the very beginning. You can also benefit from working with a legal professional who can explain what to expect and how to move forward.

Here are the steps you should take after a workplace accident to file for workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Report the accident and injury as soon as possible

  • Receive medical care to start your treatment

  • File the proper forms promptly

  • Hire a lawyer to help you through the process

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Report the Accident and Injury as Soon as Possible

Even if you get medical care, you need to report your injury and the accident’s details to your employer as soon as possible. In many situations, you want to have this completed within 30 days of the accident to protect your rights best.

Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the more problems you can encounter as workers’ compensation insurance companies may try to deny your claim. The details you want to provide to your employer include:

  • Date of the accident

  • Location it occurred

  • Who may have witnessed it

  • How it happened

  • Injuries you sustained

The more you have, the more it can help your claim.

Receive Medical Care to Start Your Treatment

When you receive medical treatment, you may need to go to a doctor within a selected list of providers that your employer chooses. Unfortunately, this is often a concerning thought for many because they are worried that the doctor may overlook specific damages to deny or minimize a claim.

The medical visit is crucial because it allows you to show the severity of your injuries. It’s also the doctor who determines your ability to continue working, how long you will be out of work, and whether you will have any limitations when returning to your job.

File the Proper Forms Promptly

You need to file the necessary paperwork to get the process started with your employer’s insurance provider. This paperwork should accompany all documents you have regarding your accident and injury, including medical records and notes that detail the incident.

Ensure these documents are free of all mistakes. Even the slightest hiccup can disrupt your claim and make it more challenging to pursue benefits for your injuries.

Hire a Lawyer to Help You Through the Process

Working with an attorney throughout the entire process helps you know what to do when you encounter some of the obstacles involved in these situations. A lawyer can explain some of the limits outlined in Kentucky regarding workers’ compensation claims, such as:

  • You may only receive monetary rewards amounting to a percentage of your lost wages and medical costs.

  • You are unable to file a lawsuit against your employer, even in cases involving negligence.

  • You may not receive compensation for pain and suffering.

At Kentucky Injury Law Center, we aim to help you in numerous ways. Not only do we help you understand what legal rights you have, we help you seek medical care, file paperwork on time, and keep track of your claim. Should your claim be denied, we can also help you file an appeal.

Our team of highly qualified Bowling Green workers’ compensation attorneys is ready to help you every step of the way. Let us be your voice and pursue benefits after you suffer an on-the-job injury that leaves you in a difficult position.

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