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A car crash will ruin your whole day. It’s stressful, it’s time-consuming, and after you’ve traded insurance information and gotten a police report, it’s tempting to go home and blow off some steam, but that could be a mistake. So where should you go after a car crash?

The Doctor

Once you leave the scene of the crash, your next stop should be your preferred doctor or urgent care provider. Seeing a doctor immediately after the wreck does many things that will help you in the long run.

Identifying Latent Injuries

Car crashes often cause blunt trauma as your body bounces around the inside of the car. The resulting injuries are internal and may be invisible until they display symptoms, which can take days or even weeks.

Doctors can sometimes identify these injuries or early warning signs before you experience symptoms. This can be extremely helpful in keeping you informed about potential complications and what you should watch for, such as the signs of internal bleeding.

Proving the Point

The longer you wait to see a doctor, the more likely the insurance company is to cast doubt on the severity of your injuries. If you go to the doctor’s office after a few days, the insurance company might suggest that your injuries are unrelated to the crash, even if you have latent injuries that weren’t immediately apparent.

Getting a police report and going to the doctor’s office immediately after the crash creates a paper trail demonstrating that you went to the doctor’s office for treatment as a direct result of the car crash. Even if you don’t present symptoms for a few days, this sends a powerful message that you took all of the right steps to secure your health and safety.

The Hospital

If you’re bleeding, think you have a broken bone, or find someone unconscious after a crash, you should immediately call 911 and request an ambulance and police presence. Having trained paramedics on the scene gives you, and everyone else involved the best chance of a smooth recovery.

Pedestrian Crashes

Similarly, you should always call for an ambulance if you’re involved in a pedestrian crash. These crashes tend to be far more dangerous as the pedestrian has nothing to protect them from the force of impact. That means blunt trauma injuries, like internal bleeding and broken bones, are far more likely and require a paramedic on the scene.

Financial Worries

Sadly, many Americans hesitate to call an ambulance, even when they’re seriously injured. They’re so worried about the cost that they don’t look after themselves and get the emergency care they need, which can cause complications down the road.

It’s in your best interest to call an ambulance. If you’re worried about covering your bills after a crash, you should consider talking to an attorney after you’ve received medical care.

An Attorney’s Office

Once you’ve documented both the crash and your injuries, you should schedule a consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer. When you hire an attorney, they’ll handle the case on your behalf, so you can focus on getting better and recovering from your injuries.

If you’re worried about affording the cost of medical care, let your attorney know. An experienced lawyer knows how to negotiate with your doctor so you can maintain continued care until you receive your insurance settlement. If you’re worried about covering all the unexpected bills that come with a car crash, your attorney can help you establish a plan to move forward.

If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries in a car crash, you might have a case. If you’d like to schedule a free case consultation with an experienced Kentucky Injury Law Center lawyer who will work tirelessly on your behalf, don’t hesitate to send us an email or call our firm today at (270) 423-0023.

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